"Children remember when they're a part of the learning.  I wanted a school where the children practice progressive ideals with work and inquiry as well as the arts; surrounded by teachers and staff who love them."

— Fabayo McIntosh-Gordon - Founding Principal

“A Dual-Language program like no other...”

"I enrolled my son because I believe that getting a start on a second language is an amazing gift.  But the program is richer than that - he is learning about other cultures and will understand not just the language but something of the people who speak it.."

— T.B.

“WOW! A school where wellness is a priority!”

"BCCS cares about the wellness of the entire family not just the students. They are building a community of wellness."

— S.T.

“My kids are learning by "doing".”

"BCCS is more than a place where students come to learn. It’s a true community and I feel extremely proud to be a parent of two young ladies who have a high interest in science and math amongst many others. My girls are thriving and love to come to school everyday."

— K.N.